LEXUS Milan Design Week 2018

  • Produce: HAKUHODO INC.
  • Space Design,programming: Sota Ichikawa(doubleNegatives Architecture, hclab.)
  • Space Design, Mathematical probe, Car expression supervise: Takatoshi Arai (Assistant professor, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo., hclab.)
  • Food Design: ALTATTO
  • Sound Design,programming,engineering:Satoshi Hama
  • Food dispenser laser engineering:Motoi Shimizu(backspacetokyo)、Sheep(backspacetokyo
  • Technical Design: Rei Yoshizawa (Senlis)
  • Production design: Makoto Kawamoto
  • Laser optical engineering, machine design engineering: Ico Thieme (KOOA)
  • Production: Artes
  • explanation

KANKAKU Museum Space and Sound, Osaki City Miyagi prefecture

dqpb new version (ver.6) is out  17th Dec. 2016

Sota Ichikawa, wrote article about “mapping in architectural design process”