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    LEXUS Milan Design Week 2018 Produce: HAKUHODO INC. Space Design,programming: Sota Ichikawa(doubleNegatives Architecture, hclab.) Space Design, Mathematical probe, Car expression supervise: Takatoshi Arai (Assistant professor, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo., hclab.) Food Design: ALTATTO Sound Design,programming,engineering:Satoshi Hama Food dispenser laser engineering:Motoi Shimizu(backspacetokyo)、Sheep(backspacetokyo) Technical Design: Rei Yoshizawa (Senlis) Production design: Makoto Kawamoto Laser »more

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    doublenegatives architecture Ltd. Registered architect office no. 58245 of Tokyo Head: #405 3-42-8 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo zip 150-0001[map] Branch: #405 1-19-13 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo zip 150-0001 [map]

  • Installations

    2016 《dqpb version 6》 Kanakaku Museum, Osaki City Miyagi Japan 2014 《MU: Mercurial Unfolding / with Fujiko Nakaya》 Anyang, Korea 2014 《Corpora in Si(gh)te》(Meta. Morf) Trondheim Kunstmuseum – Gråmølna, Trondheim Norway 2013 《dqpb #5.0》 Kanakaku Museum, Miyagi Japan 2013 《understanding》(ISOZAKI Arata: SOLARIS)NTT Inter Communication Center, Tokyo Japan 2012 《Super Eye to See the World》(Mediacity Seoul »more

  • Exhibitions

    2017 《Super Eye to see the world》Japan-ness. Architecture and urbanism in Japan since 1945 – Centre Pompidou-Metz 2016 《House in Nagohara》(GA PLOT 2016)GA Gallery, Tokyo Japan 2016 《HUGO》(GA HOUSES Project 2016)GA Gallery, Tokyo Japan 2014 《HUGO》(PLOT)GA Gallery, Tokyo Japan 2014 《BAU a.o. AB / Super Eye》(JAPAN ARCHITECTS 1945-2010)21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa 2013 »more

  • articles

    Sota Ichikawa interview about the design process of “House in Nagohara” Sota Ichikawa, wrote article about “mapping in architectural design process” for 10+1 web. “HUGO” is introduced on GA Houses 146 project 2016 Sota Ichikawa is writing for Australian Journal “INFLECTION 02” about dNA’s architectural design method / concept called “Dust Eyes”. “House in Nagohara” »more

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    article on GA Japan 131 Sota Ichikawa explains  design process of HUGO project. Cover drawing is “Super Eye” by doubleNegatives Architecture.   books: articles:

  • people

    Sota Ichikawa  (architect): concepts, directions, coding, design on all projects. A member of hclab. Max Rheiner (artist / soft-hardware developer): concept, directions & programming on Corpora projects. Ákos Maróy (programmer, software artist): concept, directions & programming on Corpora projects. Kaoru Kobata (graphic designer): graphic designs on dqpb, plaNet Former and Corpora projects. Satoru Higa (programmer, »more