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    Sota Ichikawa interview about the design process of “House in Nagohara” Sota Ichikawa, wrote article about “mapping in architectural design process” for 10+1 web. “HUGO” is introduced on GA Houses 146 project 2016 Sota Ichikawa is writing for Australian Journal “INFLECTION 02” about dNA’s architectural design method / concept called “Dust Eyes”. “House in Nagohara” »more

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    2016 《House in Nagohara》(GA PLOT 2016)GA Gallery, Tokyo Japan 2016 《HUGO》(GA HOUSES Project 2016)GA Gallery, Tokyo Japan 2014 《HUGO》(PLOT)GA Gallery, Tokyo Japan 2014 《BAU a.o. AB / Super Eye》(JAPAN ARCHITECTS 1945-2010)21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa 2013 《House in Nagohara》(Materializing)Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo Japan 2012 《Corpora Condensation》(Open Space 2012)NTT Inter Communication Center, »more

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    2016 《dqpb version 6》 Kanakaku Museum, Osaki City Miyagi Japan 2014 《MU: Mercurial Unfolding / with Fujiko Nakaya》 Anyang, Korea 2014 《Corpora in Si(gh)te》(Meta. Morf) Trondheim Kunstmuseum – Gråmølna, Trondheim Norway 2013 《dqpb #5.0》 Kanakaku Museum, Miyagi Japan 2013 《understanding》(ISOZAKI Arata: SOLARIS)NTT Inter Communication Center, Tokyo Japan 2012 《Super Eye to See the World》(Mediacity Seoul »more


    宮城県大崎市 感覚ミュージアム スペースアンドサウンド展示リニューアル ディーキューピービー バージョン6  12月17日より公開 KANKAKU Museum Space and Sound, Osaki City Miyagi prefecture dqpb new version (ver.6) is out  17th Dec. 2016   Sota Ichikawa, wrote article about “mapping in architectural design process”

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    article on GA Japan 131 Sota Ichikawa explains  design process of HUGO project. Cover drawing is “Super Eye” by doubleNegatives Architecture.   books: articles:

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    Sota Ichikawa 市川創太 (architect): concepts, directions, coding, design on all projects. A member of hclab. Max Rheiner マックス ライナー(artist / soft-hardware developer): concept, directions & programming on Corpora projects. Ákos Maróy アコシュ マローイ(programmer, software artist): concept, directions & programming on Corpora projects. Kaoru Kobata 小旗かおる(graphic designer): graphic designs on dqpb, plaNet Former and Corpora projects. »more

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    doubleNegatives Architecture Ltd. Registered office no. 58245 of Tokyo 3-42-8 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo 株式会社ダブルネガティヴスアーキテクチャー 一級建築士事務所 電話 03-5770-6107 (東京都知事登録第58245号) 代表・管理建築士:市川創太 東京都渋谷区神宮前3-42-8