Sota Ichikawa 市川創太 (architect): concepts, directions, coding, design on all projects. A member of hclab.

Max Rheiner マックス ライナー(artist / soft-hardware developer): concept, directions & programming on Corpora projects.

Ákos Maróy アコシュ マローイ(programmer, software artist): concept, directions & programming on Corpora projects.

Kaoru Kobata 小旗かおる(graphic designer): graphic designs on dqpb, plaNet Former and Corpora projects.

Satoru Higa 比嘉了(programmer, artist): sound design / programming on Corpora in Si(gh)te.

Hajime Narukawa 鳴川肇 (architect, structure engineer) : structure engineering on Corpora in Si(gh)te, structure engineering on Algorithmic Wall.

Mitsumasa Yuki 結城光正(architect): interface design, product design on dqpb projects.

Yamp Kolt ( a.k.a.Mai Fujinoya)(musician): sound material, audio supervise on dqpb projects.

dextro デクストロ (artist): graphic design & coding on SABAKUCHITAI, graphic design on plaNet Former.