Corpora in Si(gh)te appears in META.MORF 2014 Norway



 1 May ~1 June 2014

Corpora in Si(gh)te new version.

“MU (Mercurial Unfolding)” controlling mechanism


Fujiko Nakaya + doubleNegatives Architecture @ 4th Anyang Public Art Project 2014

interactive Fog installation /w Fujiko Nakaya “MU (Mercurial Unfolding)” will open to public


Fujiko Nakaya + doubleNegatives Architecture FOG (interactive installation with environment) will open to public 28th March.
in the frame of 4th APAP 2014 (Anyang Public Art Project), Anyang Korea, 28th March ~ 8th June



Sota Ichikawa long interview on GA Japan 127


Sota Ichikawa long  interview by Yoshio Futagawa

book cover drawing / Villa Savoie Super Eye spatial notation by doubleNegatives Architecture


new installation “understanding (and we’re standing)” ver.1.0 -> ver.1.5 finished


dNA will show real-time processing new installation in the frame of 
ISOZAKI Arata: SOLARIS NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]


“house in nagohara” intorduced on GA Houses


 GA Houses 134 (p.8~p.23)


“house in nagohara” intorduced on MARK


MARK  #47 (p.038~p.039)



「なご原の家」 オープンハウスのお知らせ


_P1A1826_kenta_Ichikawaphoto: Kenta Ichikawa(BAU Studio)


日時:  -> 終了しました。




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